7 Chakras and the physical connection

The Connection

There are many different opinions to whether the chakras are only in the spiritual real or if they exist both in the spiritual and the physical body. Taking into consideration the laws of physics and the break down of the human body to it’s simplest form this should not be a question to id the chakras can be both physical and spiritual, since we are spirits having a human experience anyway. No matter your belief either way the chakras has a direct effect on the entire organ system. Many often ask me when i do Reiki or tuning fork therapy what will they feel and does anything really happen. My answer to that is whether one can physically feel something or not, there is something happening it’s just like our cells in our body adapt to survive to every thought, but during that process we don’t feel a thing do we?

During a Reiki or Bio-field therapy session the healing is not simply focused on the spiritual body but these type of therapies views the body as one unit so therefore it works on the WHOLE body. So yes some may feel something and some may feel nothing during my 6 year experience i have never had one person that left a session with me and felt absolutely no change even if it took a few days. Now I am not saying that, that could not happen yes you may not feel anything but trust something is working. Something you may experience after a session to confirm that the chakras are directly connected to each organ system of the body is that your bowel may start to move better and more normal, if there were any pain areas before a session those areas may feel better. The list can go on and on but my advise to any once reading this is try a session for yourself. Now you may need more than once service but i guarantee you there is a physical and spiritual change that will take place.







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