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Finding your Truth

Finding your truth Hi I’m a vegan gypsie my friends call me gyp, your more than welcome to call me that. I would like to clear up a few things before you indulge in my blog. My blog represents my truth, my perception, and my ideology the reason being is because i can only write…

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Cosmic Habit Force

  Comic Habit force If your dominating mental habits are thoughts of poverty. Then the Cosmic Habit force will bring about poverty in your life. So how do you change your thought pattern? It first starts with cleansing and becoming in control of your emotions. Once you have gained control of your emotions the next…

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More traffic to your site

So i had all of this content on my site and due to such an abundance of new viewers my site cam tumbling down. I builded my site myself with no back up in place (lesson learned smh) so i have had to re do all pages to my site as well as i lost…

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