Ill Sleep when i Die !!!! literally or Not? how no sleep can keep you further from your dreams.


You and I both here this used a lot ” I’ll sleep when I’m dead” well that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t sleep …. So many people even celebrities always say that they are apart of the no sleep gang which sounds better than it actually is and that is how you have to be to reach your goal. I beg to differ, but before we dig to deep let’s just start by going over the manifesting process. There is a state of being one must be in to manifest and that is the alpha (relaxed) level of mind to trigger the flow of limitless abundance in all areas of your life. How does one get to this state? Well i can guarantee you that no sleep wont ever get you there. Yes some people are able to go to this place naturally and may not even be aware of it. This alpha state is done by being really relaxed seeing and feeling what you want and know it to be true and moving in action towards that very place believe it or not it requires more mental than it does actual physical work to manifest what you are wanting for your life. Once you begin to form habit of this state it take almost close to no phycical work at all but you must know in your self and your ability to create the life you are wanting and are deserving of. Sounds simple right? And it can be but because most of us has lived over 15years not knowing how to do this one must form this to be a regular habit.

The effects of no sleep


I hate to be the one to break it to you but no sleep will actually get you to the dead space quicker than you think. In the previous paragraph we discussed the mental and physical state one must be in in order to manifest what they truly desire. Clearing of the mind and getting the body in a relaxed state isn’t as easy as it seems. Think of today for example can you even remember when you were in a relaxed state of being, probably not. But most people also assume that the body rests when it its sleeps and that is not always the case. What ever is happening in your dreaming whether it’s running, jumping, swimming and even crying or laughing the muscles in the body is doing the same thing meaning the muscles in the legs are moving as if the legs are running. The effects of no sleep can put the conscious and subconscious in a delusional state of being making it extremely difficult to control what is manifesting. it also drains the energy from the cells which then puts not only mental but physical health in danger. To manifest or create the life one desires one must first on a physical level give it’s body what it needs to be able to reach the alpha level and without proper rest you will drop the ball. But the body is so brilliant that it will shut down on you when it has had enough of the restless abuse because you are caught up in some lie that if you sleep you will miss your dream.


Now let’s be clear getting the proper rest your body needs and just being lazy are two totally different things. Yes you must do the work but in the process don’t abuse the body because it plays a major part on if you reach the desired goal you are chasing. My suggestion is to get the proper rest you need so that the body can reach the alpha state of relaxing and manifesting what you want can become habit. But the key is to take care of you body, it is the kingdom of which you seek the temple of all things runs right through you but abusing this temple with no sleep is not how you reach your desired level of being.