Juicing the chakras


Juicing the chakras can be of great benefit, that is because the energy centers are directly connected to each organ system the body so in fact to juice the chakras is to also juice the organ system it is connected to but that is not all. When juicing the chakras each juice combination is created for not only the physical release but the emotional and spiritual cleansing as well. How? well if you adapt the known fact that the trio (mind, body and spirit) is one unit then you could see how juicing the right combinations can contribute to an emotional and spiritual detox.

Let’s explore the Sacral Chakra which governs the Reproductive organs. The emotions that are stored in the reproductive organs will be that of the same emotions connect to its governing Chakra the Sacral Chakra. Those emotions are creativity, sexuality, relationships, empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, and intimacy. All of these emotions are related to not only the Sacral Chakra but also these are the emotions stored in the reproductive organs as well. For women goddess of the universe all of our ability to nurture comes from the reproductive organs, the strength we have to endure so much comes from this place of the sacral chakra and the reproductive organs.

So when you juice for the chakras you are also juicing for the organ system it’s connect to, people don’t realize that the body is one unit and if you give the body the reset it needs it can always heal itself from anything physical or emotional even spiritual. Food choice is very important but sometime hard to make the best ones especially when you have a very busy schedule. That is why juicing has become very popular because it will help to restore the entire system of the body and allow the body to activate its healing process.


So the next time you feel like you are a little sluggish and your body just don’t seem the same try a 3 day cold pressed juice and give the body the boost it need to restart

A Vegan Gypsie

Hi i’m A Vegan Gypsie, blogger of Avegangypsie.com where i bring you information as well as how-to-do’s so that your journey to the life you desire is a tad bit easier. Creator, Mother, Friend I not only bring you knowledge but my own personal experience to nourish not only the physical body but the spiritual body as well. With my combined knowledge as a Master level Usui Reiki Teacher and Holistic Health And Wellness Practitioner with a bachelor degree in alternative medicine and a Masters in Metaphysical Science I bring you something for the Mind, Body and spirit. Not only is this my profession but my personal lifestyle as well.

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