Meet A Vegan Gypsie


  Meet A Vegan Gypsie



Hi I’m Vegan Gypsie owner and blogger of and creator of Gypsie Juice. With my combined knowledge as a Master level Usui Rieki Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine i bring to you all things for the well being of the Mind Body and Sprit. I continue to grow everyday in my works so I’m able to constantly enhance the modalities i use. Being able to live the life i desire and love and knowing my divine major purpose is one of my greatest accomplishments. Allow me to be your vessel in discovering and living your divine MAJOR purpose.

I know that when ever there is a “dis-ease” to the body, it has not only an impact on a phyisical level but on a spiritual and mental level as well. When most of human society thinks of the body they only think of the physical plane and just because one may feel and seem to be healthy on the outside doesn’t mean you are on the inside, and visa versa.

There are many reasons why dis-ease to the body occurs it could be due to diet, stress, karma, mental thought, fear just to name a few. We have Centers of awareness in the human body. These energy systems are neither physical or anatomical. They are found in the subtle energy system, although their radiant energy does correspond to positions within the body. They are called Chakras and they influence cells, organs, and the entire hormone system and affects one’s thoughts and feelings. Through their rotation, they obsorb energies without and convert them into subtle material for the astral body. Through the chakras we take in energy from our surroundings.

When the system of the body which keeps the balance becomes weakened, a situiation of “dis-ease” develops. Due to ignorance in undrstanding (Dis-harmony in the thought patterns), the mind has failed to lead the indiviual to internally create the proper substance which will allow the proper energy distribution throughout the mind and body. So to be balanced and healthy, there must be a holistic approach in caring for the entire human being (spiritually-mentally-physically). –Dr. Muata Asby the Kometic Diet

I will care for clients on a holistic level to assist the body with bringing itself back to harmony. We do so by first evaluating the chakra system.  I will care for my clients on a holistic level by first evaluating the Chakra System. I bring you healing modalities for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Not only is this my profession but its it my personal lifestyle.