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Meet A Vegan Gypsie

 A Vegan Gypsie welcomes you 

 I welcome you with open arms we are your vessel to a balanced and peace fulfilled life style.  A Vegan Gypsie offers alternative wellness care. Your Naturopathic care provider is ready to assist you in connecting to your power to heal yourself and strive toward optimal balance of mind, body and spirit. You are unique and one of a kind my plans that I offer are custom made for you. I am  here to assist you in discovering the root cause. Your journey is just as important to me as it is to you.
Hi i’m A Vegan Gypsie, blogger of Avegangypsie.com where i bring you information as well as how-to-do’s so that your journey to the life you desire is a tad bit easier. Creator of Gypsie Juice I created my cold pressed organic juices  not only to nourish the physical body but the spiritual body as well. With my combined knowledge as a Master level Usui Reiki Teacher and Holistic Health And Wellness Practitioner  with a  bachelor degree in alternative medicine I bring you something for the Mind, Body and spirit. Not only is this my profession but my personal lifestyle as well.

My Holistic approach uses age old methods that include Reiki, Personal Development, Yoga, Full Body Detox, Nutritional Counseling, Meditation, Coaching and Herbal Remedies. At the heart of my philosophy is a focus on supporting each individual’s inner resources to create well-being. I am present to guide and support this process and to increase each person’s awareness of their own role in cultivating balance, health, and well-being.


Natural Healing Modalities I offer

  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Full Body Assessments
  • Herbal prescriptions
  • Detoxification Protocols