1.Pay the Doctor Or 2.Pay The Chef



Taking The First Step

There is so much hype around being vegan that it complicates the whole movement. And because of this most poeple are afraid to take that leap. So what’s the big deal about changing your diet and why after all these years? Well, when I first became vegan it was not because I had this deep compasion for animals, in fact it was because I wanted super powers. That’s right I wanted to shape shift and walk through walls. As i began to read I notices every article or book has something in common. They all mention getting the body to a purified state. There was many ways to purify the body some ways worked in conjuction with other ways, but the one way that every read mention was to change their diets. Purifying the inside of your being both menatlly and physically was to eliminate all animal products, so I did.


I’m saying all that to say in order to make that first initial step You have to have your thing, maybe for you it is about the animals but whatever your reason hold on to it and take a leap to a healthier lifestyle you won’t regeret it. Just think about this, when most of us get stressed we can usually tell beause our body starts to react. We may experience tension in the shoulds or lowerback. This process by which the body responds and holds on to things is the same process that animals endure. Everyday the body is adapting to survive spiritaully, menatally and physically. When a mom decides to breast feed one of the things the doctor may advice is no smoking, drinking and eliminate as much stress as possible. This advise is given because as a mom breast feeds she can transfer all of those things includung trauma and stress to her baby through her breast milk.



Look around mostly every product on the market has some type of milk which by the way also includes blood and puss. So, as you are consuming animal products you are also consuming everything from checmicals to fear, trauma stress and depression. Everything that animal has indured you are putting in your body. And to be honest even a baby calf stops drinking milk around 8-10 weeks so why do humans continue? Now you start your cleansing journey and you have to cleanse from all the issues from the animals you ate before you even get to your own issues. Sounds like alot right?


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSL1Xp-q4MM[/embedyt]

You Don’t Even Like Meat

Let me give you a vision, Your at a restaurant and you order steak or maybe chicken breast hell let’s thow salmon in there. You go to cut a peice and you spit it out in a furry. Totally pissed because you were served meat with no seasonings. But I thought you liked meat? So rahter it’s seasoned or not you should still enoy it right? You know what I think, I think that it’s not the meat rather it’s the seasoning that you really like and if you learned season combining then it would make going vegan or plant based a tad bit easier.

Doctor Or Chef

After the why’s and the how’s the next biggest issue is the influx in price when shopping vegan. A lot of people like to run to whole foods because they are know for their organic gluten free products. But, Whole foods is not the only place for vegans to shop. Seriously there are so many options one of my favorites is the local farmers market where you can get a nice bang for your buck. There are so many different fruits and vegetables as well as seasonings that you can still have fun with and create amazing dishes.

Consider what years of unhealthy eating may do to your body. especially once you begain to get up there in age. The body doesn’t have the moementum it had in your younger years. The way I look at it is either pay the Chef now or pay the Doctor later the choice is totally up to you.









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