10 Minute Vegan Meals



Vegan Meals Under 10 Minutes

I hear alot of people say that they would be vegan but thay move around to much. A statement that I have come to realize is just an exscuse that sounds really valid. So your on the go huh? Well, here are a few options that are vegan you can prepare for yourself in as little as 10 minute. Our first choice is:



Avocado Strawberry Toast

This is quick, vegan, and super easy to make all you need is some vegan bread I prefere Ezekiel add some fresh starwberries and spread that avocado and BOOM! there you have fyour not only vegan but healthy breakfast in uner 10 minutes. Our next quick sinple and easy meal goes to:

Zucchini Pasta

This amazong pasta dish is not only vegan but it is raw there is no cooking required unless you desire to do so. But to keep this meal at 10 minutes all you need is a Zucchini noodle cutter or you can fine cut it your self. Add tomatoes onions seasonings of your choice some artichoke hearts or what ever other raw vegetables you want to have a lilttle olive oil and viola! But let’s say you want somthing a little warm our next options is:


Vegan Tacos

Now this dish can be made hot or cold and it still will keep you right at 10 minutes. All you need is your choice of a shell hard or soft vegan crumbles form that take around 7 minutes to heat and add your topping like vegan cheeses from follow your heart tomatoes lettuce and what ever other topping you desire and whop! You have vegan tacos.


Rather you have a little time or all the time in the world there is no exscuse why you can’t take care of your body and give it what it needs. There are many more dishes that are quick and easy and take as little as 10 minutes to prepare. But like always you ain’t heard it from me cause, i ain’t the one to gossip!




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