19 Year Old Tech Genius Launches Nations First Black-Owned Online Website Builder

First black owned website builder

While it’s easy to keep up with mainstream names within the culture that are making an impact. We often overlook those that are right in our backyards. Making his mark in the technical I discovered this 19-year-old tech genius who launched the first black-owned Online Website Builder. His Name is Christian Womack and he is responsible for all technological innovations and process improvements within QuestStone. Christian is also the head of QuestStones web development and app development sectors. At the young age of 16 he became a certified web developer and at 17 he became a certified scrum master. Christian has gained valuable work experience with Assura Inc. and Etelic Inc. Christian is currently attending the honors college at Old Dominion University where he plans to pursue a degree in cybersecurity.

Quest Stone

Quest Stone

Quest Stone offers an easy to use website building platform that you can do yourself with no tech experience. They also offer Design and development services at a very decent rate. The Website Builder offers unlimited hosting with unlimited bandwidth. It’s super responsive and any content you add will adjust itself to any device. They offer easy to use templates for those who want a more simple experience. From simple landing pages to large news websites from 1 page to 1000, the platform was designed to support.

Rather you’re creating your first site or you 3rd we all know how important SEO is, it determines how searchable your site is. From out-of-box SEO to easy editing using the drag and drop option and let’s not forget it’s clean layouts, animation effects, and responsive visuals. Quest Stone provides all the tools you need to have a beautiful and functional website.

Head on over to Quest Stone And join not only the movement but create a beautiful and functional website from a platform you can trust. Now is always a great time to Buy Black. But, you ain’t heard it from me cause, I ain’t the one to Gossip!


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