2 essential Keys to Success


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Defining Your Success

We are all unique beings viewing the world in our very own way, uncovering our individual truths as life lessons come and go cultivating the thoughts and our outlook on life in its totality. Perceiving life to be based on our own individual perception. If you asked 10 people what is a success or what does it mean to be successful they will all give you different answers. With neither being right or wrong. See when we look at life through our own lenses it can be whatever we perceive it to be this is known as your individual truth. Succes for one person may just be falling in love and raising a family where another’s vision or truth about success can be traveling or having that dream job. Maybe even a residual income or what about the person that sees success as just being able to pay bills on time.

No matter what you perceive success to be, just know that no matter how it is obtained you will always need two essential keys regardless of what your level of success is. we all strive to reach our own version of what success is. But how do we successfully obtain this version that we see? Some say, “you just have to want it bad enough” which is true. Let’s look at bad enough, what is that exactly? When wanting something bad enough that it consumes you, every thought and every action is geared towards that thing that you want. When this happens then the 2 essential key can automatically kick in. But what if you want it but the automatic keys don’t kick in because there is something blocking them? Then There is a manual way to jump start you into the motions and habit of success. And that is exercising the use of the 2 essential keys.

2 essential Keys to Success

There are 2 essential keys to success. These keys are very simple to activate if you really want to obtain the success you want. The First key is Consistency what happens when you are consistent you pour every ounce of your energy in that one thing allowing it to expand so large that you are forcing the universe to provide what it is you are working towards and the universe/God is guaranteed to deliver. Now if you lack Key number 2 which is Confidence then key number one will not work. This is because in order for you to become consistent both in action and in thought you must possess the confidence that is required. When you lack confidence in what you want and the confidence that you are deserving of having exactly what you want then 9 out 10 you will slack in putting all your energy in working towards your specific goal. When you have Confidence it projects out to others and then they start to have confidence in you and again in thought combined with action is expanding beyond your belief and also giving you the required ammunition you need to consistently work towards your version of success every day. BUT YOU AIN’T HEAR IT FROM ME CAUSE I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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