What Makes a Juice Cold Pressed


What makes a juice cold pressed

So I’ve been asked what’s the difference or how can you tell the difference between regular juice and cold pressed juice. Let’s start by first saying it has everything to do with the actual juicer that is being used. Now there are a lot of place to tellmyoumthey have cold pressed juice but real doesn’t and let me tell you why.

Now depending on where the engine is located on the juicer will let you now if it is cold pressed….why ? Because if the fruit and/or vegetables have to pass by the engine to get to the cup then the heat from the engine has changed the biochemistry of the fruit and vegetables and during this change majority of the nutrients were lost. Now with a cold pressed juicer they are a lot more quiet being because it juice at a lower speed and where  the engine is placed the fruit or vegetable doesn’t have to worry about passing by it so therefore we have all our nutrients…..2016-02-14 12.19.53


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