When Buying Your Own Food Goes Wrong


As a Mom, I try my best to allow my children to experience life organically with disturbing the process. And I feel I do a great job but from time to time my beloved son James seize to amaze me. So let me start from the beginning my son who is my oldest stayed home instead of leaving for school he is an inspiring artist and I want nothing more than for him to pursue his dreams and live a life of happiness. But what I won’t do is allow him to harm himself in my house (lol.) So, the rules are because he is a young man and although he lives at home for free the only clause is that he buys his own food. Now, normally I’m not all up in his mix and asking him what he is eating. But yesterday what I found kind of hurt my heart. Only because this boy knows better, when he turned 18 he started to make his own food choices before then he was vegetarian. One thing I learned growing up was that you should not force your belief system or way of life on anyone. My mom always lets us choose rather we wanted to go to church or not she always wanted it to be of free will. It was the best experience I could have had and the best choice I made for my family.

My son is aware of all of the risk of a poor diet but because in his mind he feels it’s cheaper and takes less time to eat unhealthily. So Momma Bear had to step in and step up. Now, this was a can of bean-free chili, like who buys this stuff oh! I know my son does. But let me just say this I can’t deny his efforts in making his own chili. However, I know for a fact he didn’t read the ingredients. There was mechanically pulled pork mixed with beef and a bunch of other garbage that I can’t remember cause as you can see in the video I quickly threw the cans away. I wasn’t upset with him because I knew he had no clue what he was about to put into his body. And I’m glad that I was able this one time to intervene As fulltime writer and Therapist I’m not always around when he is eating and although he is grown he is still mine and it will always be my duty to spark little reminders of health in him and all my children as long as I live. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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