How to make you Journey to Veganism Easy


The transition from eating meat to not eating meat can be very stressful especially if you don’t have a;ot of time on your hands. For instance if you work a lot or constantly on the go it can make eating healthy very complicated. Well, I’m here to make your transition to a healthier life style a little easier. Keep in mind that over consumption of anything is not good for you even if it is plants and fruits. Understanding fruit and vegetable combining is very important as well as eating times. But we wont worry too much about the super complicated stuff. This blog is to focus on the traditional aspect as you change your diet you will become more educated on everything else. This is a journey so treat it as such don’t be afraid to go through the motions, embrace the process. Below is 3 recipe that are traditional and can be very well made vegan. Also listed below is 5 Vegan Food places if you’re in the Atlanta Metro. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!

RECIPE NUMBER 1: Vegan Lasgna

RECIPE NUMBER 2: Vegan Avocado tacos

What you will need
2 Firm/soft avocados
olive or canola oil
2 cups of unbleached flour
1 pack of Spinach street taco wraps
1/2 red onion
1/2 sweet onion
1 green onion
1 hand full cilantro
1/2 tomato
1 can of coconut milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice
apple cider vinegar
Egg substitute of your choice (I use un-sweetened apple sauce)

“Chop the sweet onion, red onion, green onion, cilantro and tomato in small fine pieces and mix together in a bowl.

Pour the coconut milk add the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to taste (*** please note you must let the coconut milk sit in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours prior.)

Next prepare your egg substitute.

with canola oil in frying pan set temp on medium.

Cut the avocados and slice each half into 4 dip in egg substitute
then dip and flour and start to fry until golden brown on each side.
Remove avocados place on your street taco add your vegan sour cream and picco and enjoy.

RECIPE NUMBER 3: Vegan Spaghetti

This is my favorite recipe cause what most people don’t know is Ragu Traditional has no animal products in it. That’s that sauce I use of course you can even make it from scratch what ever you choose just make sure there is no animal bi products.

What you will need
1/2 red onion
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
brocoli (amount to your discretion)
Cauliflower(amount to your discretion)
1/2 sweet onion
Italian seasoning
Sea Salt
Spinach noodles
olive oil
Ragu sauce traditional

with the stove on medium pour 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a pan allow the oil to heat up,
add red onion, sweet onion, red pepper, green pepper, almonds allow them to saute lightly or to your taste.
add the brocoli and cauliflower. Next Add the Ragu sauce along with the italian seasoning the oregano, salt and pepper(season to taste) allow the sauce to simmer. ***add a dab of agave

While the sauce is simmering boil 3 cups of water in a boiling pot bring to a boil and add spinach noodles.

PLaces To Eat Vegan In Atlanta

Not only can you get a great car wash here, The auto bistro located at 348 14th street Atlanta,Ga is also vegan friendly My favorite vegan dish is the Vegan Sloppy Joe.

Cafe sunflower has multiple locations my favorite is the Buckhead location 2140 Peachtree rd Atlanta,Ga now they have a complete menu of vegan and vegetarian options my favorite thing on the menu is the vegan cheese nachos and the Brussel sprouts but look over the menu and enjoy.

This beauty is located 1265 lee street sw and i just love it all. They have a complete vegan menu and the tacos are amazing




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