Problems Are Essential To Growth



Problems = Growth

I know your wondering how problems are essential to growth. First, let me say i’m not going to use any type of backwards law Because it’s not needed. When we think of solving our problems the first thing that comes to most peoples mind is money. You often hear “once I become rich I won’t have no problems and I’ll finally be happy.” Well, let me be the one that cares enough about you to tell you your wrong. Problems will always present themselves because they are needed for your evolution. Millionaires and billionaires all have problems and rather you have money or not one thing for sure you will have problems. Of course someone who has money won’t have the same problems as a person who doesn’t but they still have them their just upgraded.


problems has purpose

Problems Purpose

No, you didn’t misread the sub-heading and yes problems has a purpose. I’d like to think everything in life has a purpose rather we know what that purpose is or not. Problems are a way for you to experience what not to do. Experiencing what not to do leads you to discovering what to do if your paying attention.  Experiencing the same problem over and over again means you are not paying attention you are missing it. Life teaches us lesson and those lesson are the problems we strive to solve. You will always have problems the goal is to never have the same problem twice.The goal is to upgrade your problems to the ones that serve a greater purpose. Accepting responsibility for our problems is the first step in solving them. Being responsible for your problems does not mean you are at fault. Remember fault is past tense and responsibility is present. Like it is not your fault you were abused, but it is your responsibility to heal yourself.  But, like always you ain’t heard it from me cause, I ain’t the one to Gossip! 

Sidebar: The book I’m reading in the above video is by Mark Manson called: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A fuck it can be found here: http://mark it’s a great read


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