Over Consuming Information Can Be Unhealthy


Reading Is Fundamental

Reading is fundameantal but it can also be very unhealthy said no one ever, Oh! but I just did. Yeah, you heard me correctly reading can be unhealthy. Have you ever heard the quote “Readers are Leaders?” A lot of the knowledge you gain is learned by reading a book but it isn’t the information that will take you to the next level it is the application of which you have read. When reading a book just as you are reading this blog it is the truth or perception of the author. An abundance of reading usually occurs when we are on a journey searching for something. During this time we are reading book after book watching documentary after documentary without giving oursleves the proper time to digest any portions of it.



Digesting is very important when reading. It gives you the ability to break down what resintates with you and what doesn’t. By allowing this process to take place you are able to get a very clear understanding of what you have read. Not allowing this process to happen will put you further from finding your truth. You will just have information on top of information and will make it hard for you to think clearly and formulate your own opinion because you never allowed the digestion period to take place.


Now a days you can google almost anything you can think of, youtube is one of the biggest information seeking platforms that exist. It is filled with other peoples truths and opinions and if you don’t have a solid foundation of what your truth is it can confuse you more than you were when you started.


Having a foundation is important

It’s like this, you are interested in being vegan or let’s say you are vegan right and you happen to go on youtube and on your home page a video titled “How being vegan for 15 years almost killed me” and you click and when you do there are tons of other videos just like this. Now your 2 hours in watching vlogger after vlogger and because you started watching without an established truth or foundation of your own you are second guessing your choice of even being vegan. Reading in itself isn’t the unhealthy part it’s over consumption of information with out a foundation established.

The next most important thing when consuming information is application. Self-help is one of the most popular types of reads. The problem is that most readers read a tons of self help books without ever applying the knowledge to their lives. And this is where the unhealthiness starts to kick in. There is a lot of information out there just make sure you give yourself time to digest what it is you are reading. And don’t forget application is everything knowledge has no power unless applied. But like always you ain’t heard it from me cause, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!!!



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