5 Stages of Manifesting


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Manifesting isn’t as simple as it seems, yes the universe is your Jeanie in a bottle as long as you follow a few simple steps. In a previous post canceling out what yo manifest i talk about how you stop what you want from coming. Today I want to focus on the steps necessary in manifesting. The 5 steps provided will be your blueprint to manifesting the life you desire. BUt keep in mind if you have not reprogrammed your subconscious to vibrate on a positive, prospering vibration then these steps may not be as effective. Being able to manifest is simply being able to know that it will happen there is a certain amount od confidence in what you’re wanting to be sure that the universe will have your back.

5 Stages Of Manifesting

1. CREATE- This is where we first create the thought. It first comes as just an idea but as we think more and more about it we begin to create details of what it looks like exactly. We are clear about what we can picture and that is very important because if we are not clear then the thought will lay dormant and the universe will not know how to assist the thought with its expansion.

2.CONNECTION- This is the step where you become emotionally attached to your thought. You can now see it, and feel it, what started off as an idea is now a vision as you see yourself doing whatever it is your emotions begin to indulge and connect with this thought that has progressed to a vision. This step is important because in order to begin the manifesting process your thought and feelings must become in alignment with each other.

3. LETTING GO- letting go is very important because letting go requires you to be certain this is what you want, and by letting go you are allowing for expansion so that the universe can bring everyone and everything needed to make this thought a reality. When we don’t let go we are harboring the thought and not giving it the power it needs to expand and create the reality. It’s like you put it away for now and it’s just in a drawer tucked away waiting. Another major part of letting go is a sense of knowing you are worthy, trusting and knowing that what you want is guaranteed. This is also known as the state of allowing and in the state there is no worry or doubt.

4. DOING- After you have let go, doing is the work on your end that is required to make this thought a reality it is the physical energy that is deposited into the thought as it expands and the more work you do and the more you work on this thought the stronger the expansion energy becomes and the quicker it will begin to appear. During this process just focus on the work it is a process that we will not appreciate until the results surface.

5. COMMITMENT- This is the final phase this where time doesn’t exist. You are committed to knowing that your reality is near. This is where consistency lives. This is where trusting in the process takes places. Even when a curve ball is thrown in the way you stay down and never change the original thought. This is where knowing the universe has your back.


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