7 Stages of Life: Root Chakra


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Divine feminine you no longer need to hide, Embrace who you are, ground yourself in me. I am the Great Mother here to guide you. Oh divine feminine who are you? Do you know? They will convince you that you are lost but my dear you are right in front of their eyes. It is them that refuse to see you and they want to convince you that you don’t see yourself either. My love, embrace who you are, love your body it is the vessel of all life. Don’t be discouraged they are afraid that when you discover your power and take hold of who you are, you take back your throne. My love it is your destiny, but first you must travel through you root chakra.

The Root Chakra

It is the Chakra that is the last to develop while you are in the queen mothers womb. This center will ground you it is your fight or flight. It governs your finances all the other centers depends on the strength of the Root Chakra it is their foundations like the root of a tree. It is how energy from your environment enters in to you. It is located at the base of the spine. Click here link to learn more

The Aboriginal Woman in her truest form is the universe




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