All Men Are Dogs



I too was once one of the many women who thought that all men were dogs and the chances of me getting a good one were slim to none. We live in a society that teaches women to care for everyone and everything else except for themselves. And this is a major problem because women are the start of the family and they are the one that teaches love and compassion as well as confidence. So what happens is that we tend to neglect loving ourselves and filling our own cup up while constantly trying to fill someone else cup up. Depletion occurs now there is no more self-love to project out only pain and confusion. So when we are searching or trying to attract our life partners we will only attract exactly what we are.

The universal law that can not be manipulated by any man is that energy doesn’t allow two people who are not vibrating on the same vibration occupy the same space. So when we find ourselves in these unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships we must first retreat within. There is something there that we have in common with the person we are dealing with and always remember every relationship you indulge in is there for you to learn more about who you are. So instead of blaming them you must again retreat within and find what the connection is. Once this is discovered you can begin healing and lifting your vibration. remember, you don’t know you need more closets until you live in a house that doesn’t have enough. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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