3 ways to change your relationship with money

Your Dysfunctional Relationship The energy of thought is a very real creative energy. Everything that man has created first existed in his mental space. It first starts off as a mental picture then that is transferred to paper writings and then eventually reality. Your current relationship with money can sometimes be a result of your upbringing. How you saw your parents handle and deal with money has an effect on your relationship with money. For…

"3 ways to change your relationship with money"

Vegan lasagna in 20minutes

Vegan in 20 minutes When you are making your transition to eating vegan, finding what to eat can be a stressful journey. What I like to do is help you take traditional meals and turn them into vegan entrees. I hope you find this little recipe of mine helpful and always remember any new transition may seem hard at first, but you got this so just push through. Download the recipe below Recipe_tracker

"Vegan lasagna in 20minutes"

It takes more than willpower and positive thinking

The More it takes The journey to the life you desire may seem very difficult, you may find yourself looking your self in the mirror ready to give up not understanding where or what went wrong. You have the will power you were told you needed, constantly staying positive repeating those positive affirmations. I too know exactly where you are because I was there. I am very happy to be able to enlighten anyone on…

"It takes more than willpower and positive thinking"

Re-writing the Subconscious mind

The Program The Subconscious mind is where all of your life experiences are downloaded. This occurs even before you come through your mothers birth canal. What does this mean? well, what ever feelings and energy mom was subject to while nurturing you, begin to silently write its first code and every life experience after that. But don’t be afraid you are not constricted down by this code, well once you become aware of it you…

"Re-writing the Subconscious mind"

Conscious Parenting- For failure or Success

For Failure or Success Bruce Lipton PH.D. states in his revised 2017 copy of the Biology of Belief that parenting starts way before birth, and that the environment that the fetus is subject to can affect the child all the way through adulthood. In the video above Yvonne is heard yelling and screaming at her children. Cursing and yelling and calling them out of their names to scare them into listening to her. But in…

"Conscious Parenting- For failure or Success"

Science proves that the Chakras Exist!

For the Record I love hearing my science but no really science people argue the fact that science have yet to proven the existence of the energy centers know as the chakras and the reason i called them not so science people because most of them don’t even keep up with today’s 2017 updates. So i would love to invite them in this argument of, have science researched us enough to finally say yes the…

"Science proves that the Chakras Exist!"