Embracing Your Introvertedness





The Power Of Introverts

So if you follow me on any social media outlet you will see that I am an advocate for overcoming procrastination. And I have been very successful in my personal as well as my professional life in accomplishing that. But, as you win one battle you realize that one battle only makes up a small part of the war your fighting.


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What You Should Know About Introverts


Most people think introverts are lazy and they don’t like people and prefer solitude over being social. Well, I’m here to shed some light on the Mis-education of the introvert. Introverts have an inner power that extroverts lack and that power is the core reason for an introvert to retreat within. When An introvert retreats it is because of the need to repower all the energy they have exerted. introverts do this by going into solitude where they are able to tap into their inner power.

Speaking of solitude is because of the comfort that the introvert finds in it it’s easy for them to pick up a new trade and learn more easily. Introverts make for great confidants because we love meaningful conversations over small talk. Introverts like Rosa Parks make for great leaders due to the fact that they spend less energy asserting their authority and more time listening. The best employees for an introvert to lead is a proactive one, they also pay close attention to detail which makes them good at risk-taking when they need to be.

Introverts also have the ability to masquerade as extroverts when necessary. Introverts are not shy or anti-social they just need quiet time to recharge their energy and feel connected to themselves. Stillness and quiet fuel their energy. They see opportunities that usually isn’t visible to others. The number one advantage that introverts have is the ability to create truly deep and meaningful one-on-one relationships. So erase all the crap you heard about being an introvert and embrace your power and make it work for you as I did. But, you ain’t heard it from me cause, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!!!


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