Evolution of the Woman


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When I was younger I remember overhearing stories of not just my grandpa but other men having secret women and even whole families, physical and mental abuse also and at the time it wasn’t really a big deal as a child I never thought twice about it. But when I look back I’ve watched my grandmother live a miserable life being with a man that she felt inferior to and not only didn’t trust but I don’t even think she was in love. I would hear stories how her elders would tell her how she better stay with him for reasons like who would help her take care of her kids and where would she live and how would she eat. Now I’m not saying that this was every woman’s situation in America but Even though a lot of this came to me second-hand my subconscious still downloaded this program. Women in America have come along way to get their equal rights and there are still some battles that need to be won. The independence of women has emerged through the roughest of times from working to voting and being respected in some places as an equal part. Being able to provide for our families But the question still remains are we really equal at all?


Now that I am older and have journeyed through myself and found The beauty in being a woman, I love my self is different. I think the battle of wanting to be their equal was completely wrong in a sense that it forces us to adapt to not only how a man moves but their emotions and their state of thinking. We have been completely cheated out of the essence of a woman. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that we cannot be strong women, hell it’s the nature of who we truly are. But what I am saying is our advantage has always been because we didn’t move or think like them. We are far more superior in so many ways than that of our counterpart the man.

We have subconsciously downloaded a program from the women before us to accept being treated any kind of way and not only from a man, let’s be clear we tend not to treat our selves as if we know who we are and what we possess. The greatest lie from the father and the son was yet the best-kept secret and that is the woman is GOD, the start of any nation.

I too have realized the program that has been downloaded and has succeeded in trashing it. And for the sake of our evolution not only as women but as the true nature of god’s I encourage you to do the same. We have allowed the man to recklessly take the wheel on all levels, levels to which he is not equipped to handle. Not to put him down but even we were his first teacher and god when he came to his place, it was our gate that he has traveled through we are the gatekeepers. Even the scientist know this that’s why they are trying very hard to reconstruct the male to be able to bring forth life just to make him truly our equal.

Think Like a Man

Think like a man was by far the dumbest thing to insinuate when dealing with the development of a woman it has always been the thoughts of a woman who has enabled us to be First. Thinking like a man will make you lose your essence and dumb you completely down.

Just Be a Woman

It is okay to just be a woman once you journey within and unlock your true essence that society has told you, you didn’t need you will find pleasure in all that you are made of. There is never a need to think or be like anything or one other than that to which you are, WOMAN! Celebrate yourself unlock your power reconnect with your strength. Be the creator you were manifested to be. We fell in love with the offspring but that doesn’t mean to fall to his feet. but you ain’t heard it from me cause I ain’t the one to gossip!


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