Get rid of procrastination in 2018



With the new year approaching us fast, many have made plans to be the best them they can be. But like every year they end up finding themselves further from their goals and before they know it another year has passed by. What will make this year any different? one must ask them self. You and I both know that nothing really changes for those who wait patiently for the New Year to approach, will be the same ones waiting patiently for the next New Year to approach. Now I myself have experienced such disappointment where I felt as if this is going to be my year and I end up getting the same results.

I want to enlighten you today and let you know why you can’t seem to get different result. If you were anything like me you are super fed up at this point but worry no more I have a solution to your problem. The thing that you suffer from is procrastination you and procrastination have een in a relationship as long as you can remember and it’s time for you to be done with that. There is a new thing on the block and the name is consistency and it is designed to guarantee to get you exactly what you want ans that is to be able to accomplish all set goals and ultimately live the life you desire. But they both can’t occupy the same house at the same time you must make the choice.

To make the transition you must be ready to put the work in there is no way around it. The choice is yours who do you choose? BUT YOU AINT HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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