How to get the Sacral Chakra at it’s best


How important is the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the center of sensuality and sexuality it is also know has that sexual chakra. This chakra govern the sexual organ system of both male and female, it lies a little bit above the sacrum and the sexual organs, finger’s width below the navel not only does it govern the sexual organ but it also governed the reproductive system, the kidney and the bladder

It is the center of human sexuality and feminine energy it stands primarily for sexuality, creative energy and joy in living. The power of the sacral chakra leads to increased  self esteem and a positive self awareness. Too little or too much energy i the sacral chakra can lead to a host of problems. Characteristic symptoms include jealousy, persistent anxiety, and diminished sexual desire. Other possible consequences are sexual ambivalence, addiction, feeling of guilt, and aggression. When this chakras is activated and harmonized we learn to enjoy life and develop a healthy relationship to the sensual and sexual sides of nature.  This chakra is important for creating and manifesting the life you desire reason being is the manifestation of creation is done through the sexual energy it is the most powerful manifesting energy that exist. It is know that if a couple wishes to channel this energy during a time of intimacy the manifestation will be at a heightened state. ………………….To be Continued



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