How Hard is it to go Vegan?

Ok ok ok …… Now i’m going to try to summarize this blog but honestly this has been a three year journey for me and i’ll tell you why. Let me first start by saying i was vegan and it was smooth sailing i was feeling amazing and light then a blessing from the womb came upon me and long story short guess who doesn’t like and fruit or vegetables ? Yap you guessed it i was carrying a chicken eating  strawberry soda drinking baby that was the only thing that would not make me sick. Now it took me a minute to even eat the chicken my doctor told me look it’s no loner your body you have to give this baby what it wants
Okay so speeding along it has taken me 1 year to rid my body of the cravings of chicken after eating it for 8 months straight. so let me tell you how i finally did it…… full body detox but first i started off in sections i’ll explain. I started my cleanse with a 3 day juice cleanse first just to get rid of some toxins and adjust my eating because i know all animal bi-products must be eliminated, starting eating light meals then i did the 7 day juice cleanse by GypsieJuice then a week later I stated the full body detox this detox was put together by a master herbalist and its cleanses each organ system of the body a strict diet is put in place but is necessary when trying to remove the craving from the blood stream…. So if you thinking about going vegan hit me up ill be more than excited to help you start your journey.
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