How To Restore Consistency & Confidence



Yesterday’s blog we talked about the 2 essential keys to success consistency and confidence but what if you lack in either area or even both? Let me start by saying don’t get discouraged I’m going to show you how to restore the essential keys so that you may reach your full potential. But it’s going to cost you, that’s right it’s going to cost you your time and effort. Sometimes in life, there are things we think we want when really we are only intrigued by the idea or the thought of having them. Like all great life-changing things there is always a price to be paid and before you read any further you must ask yourself “is this what I really want.” If you are unsure if you will have the time to do the things listed in this blog then you might as well bookmark it, save it to your favs or just simply come back to it later. The process that I explain to you must be taken seriously and you must give it the time and energy it requires for this life change to happen. As life’s experience shapes our being it also downloads habits that we are not always aware of. a few blogs back I talked about how from the time of conception your subconscious was downloading programs based on the environment you were subject to. for instance, if as a young child you experience your parents hating to pay bills or always complaining about them then you too would grow up with that same feeling about having to pay bills.

As the years in life swiftly goes by some of our experiences and downloaded programs go unremembered leaving us to battle our way through without ever solving the issues at hand. This is because of alot of times the programs that our subconscious downloads are downloaded without recognition. The downloads take place on a very subtle level leaving us with no knowledge of their existence. What we will do today is a journey back to figure out what those programs are and how to uninstall them and install the programs that we need. This is very important for those who are serious about living life on their own terms. This step is to be taken at a slow pace so that you can assure you have left out nothing at all. Below is the list of step that needs to be taken and once you have completed this step email me and i will send you step 2 BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!

Reprogramming the Subconscious

1. The first thing you will need is a notebook I recommend the 3 subject once at least.
2. Next, you will need to find you a writing space, space you will go to and write in your notebook.
3. Sit in a quiet place with your spine erect.
4. Do a 4 Minute Meditation.
5. sit for a second and just reflect and breathe journey all the way back in thought as far as you remember.
6. From your starting point about 2 or three years old I want you to comb towards the present.
7. write down what you see what you feel.
8. Once you have written down everything from 2 or 3 years to the present I want you to read through it.
9. Email me for next step.

***Remeber take your time you don’t want to leave out any experience there is no time frame.


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