How you Know your not healed



Everyone seeks healing at some point in their live rather it’s voluntary or involuntary and by involuntary i meant that when it gets really bad life will find away to force you to seek healing by stripping you down to your simplest form. Now there is difference between actually healing and just stuffing it. When healing takes place whatever it was will no longer have power over you and more than likely you won’t even have the urge to speak of it and the parties involved will lose their power over you the moment healing takes place.

What happens when you just stuff your issues rather than heal from them? Well, when you don’t address the things that are creating chaos in your life you tend to block them out and when that happens you stuff whatever it is deep into your being on all levels mental, physical,and spiritual. So what happens is your new experiences will be bind down by your past experiences. Case and point: let’s say you grew up being verbally abused and you never healed from it or addressed it just continued on with your life as if… What happens now that the hurtful childhood abuse has found a home within it will start to grow and become stronger but on a subtle level. So let’s say you’re in a heated argument with a loved one or a stranger all that will be required is an exchange of emotions that are familiar enough your subconscious automatically kicks in and you are now pulling from the past and that then takes the current situation 100 times worst than it really is.

To avoid spiraling down this never-ending rollercoaster you must seek healing from within. All those emotions from your past, all those memories from the heartful situations you have experienced must be addressed so that the toxicity from them doesn’t run your chance of a healthy balanced life. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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