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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqXl60kuklA[/embedyt]Contrast: the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.
“the day began cold and blustery, in contrast to almost two weeks of uninterrupted sunshine”

Posted a video a few days ago about valuing relationships more than you value money and of course there was a few comments that brought me to create this post to go into more detail about that. Now what one of my followers suggested was that He disagreed that relationships should be valued more than money and I quote “I disagree money attracts money” was the first sentence and the first sentence alone compelled me to go into more details about my ideology of relationships are more valuable than money. Now let’s be clear as we journey in life and we experience all that is necessary to become who we ultimately desire to be we will experience our share of bad relationships im not saying that won’t happen but that’s where contrast comes in. It’s like you don’t know you need more closets till you first live in a house that doesn’t have enough! You must know that every relationship you indulge in only allows you to learn more about yourself than it does the other person. A question was asked, “How do you know if a relationship is good for you?” and the truth of the matter is you won’t until you have had enough life experience to be able to decipher the small intrigue details that your journey has revealed to you to be able to then off the rip know like “nah that’s not for me.”

Let’s go a little bit deeper let’s first go back to contrast and as you elevate you will begin to understand that those unhealthy relationships was needed so that the healthy relationships can connect. As you grow and come into who you are and your purpose you will begin to meet those needed to compliment your life on all levels and it will be a genuine connection but you first must be a complete reflection of the relationships you seek cause remember the universe doesn’t allow 2 people who ae not vibrating on the same vibration to occupy the same space. So if you find your self not being able to able to connect with the right relationships then you need to retreat within because you are not yet a reflection of what you are seeking. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP.


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