Manifesting Fear or Love?




Manifesting can be complicated especially if you are not aware of where you are manifesting. There are 2 places you can pull the energy of thought from and that is either Love or Hate, Positive or negative. As much as we want to believe that when we manifest it comes from a positive place that isn’t always the case. Although we are born with our one true emotion and that is Love, anything other than is a derivative of Fear Itself. I know what you are thinking if Love is our only one true emotion and it is also the strongest vibration that exists in this realm then why doesn’t it rule the majority of the time. Well to help you better understand Emotions are often like muscles, They become weaken if they are no exercised or used. The more you work them the stronger they become.

Because we are taught fear most, we naturally tend to exercise that emotion the most. And through learned habit, we tend to manifest from that place to which is used most. Let’s not also ignore the fact that we also can store others energies and experience within our selves and even feel them as though they are our own and this too can alter the manifesting process. Past programming is what makes most of the decisions for us.

Proper Manifesting

How do you manifest? well manifesting required for you to be in the alpha level mind known as the relaxed alpha state. At this alpha state, you get immediate results. At this level self-doubt, if’s and’s or but’s cannot exist and the manifestation is sent straight to the brains neurons that are in charge of consciousness thought begins the associated thinking process. The neurons that work below the level of conscious thinking begin their processes, too. They supplement the work of the conscious thought neurons but they are also in touch with the brain neurons in other people who might help to solve the problem. It is not clear as of yet, Whether this is direct neuron communication or neuron -to universal consciousness-to neuron communication. But to the utilizer of this, thought energy, it does not matter, any more than it matters to the flipper of a light switch whether the energy is coming from a battery pack from behind the wall or an area generator miles away. Think in terms of space as an extension of yourself. Suppose you want to move something with your hand to do so, you will need your hand’s permission. It does not withhold such permission unreasonably. But if it is broken or numb or has a valid reason it will refuse. Suppose space, as an arm of yourself, behaved similarly? As an arm of yourself, space would have to agree to act on your behalf. To get that agreement you would have to”ask” or engineer that agreement in some other way. Asking can be prayer, Engineering a consent, or just simple picturing on an alpha level, knowing it to be so– a type of space relations.

This space filler no matter what we name it rather we call deities, angels, or departed spirits rather it’s valid or not. This space filler becomes active with a consented -to wish. a consented-to prayer, a consented-to mental image. It is as if it is an arm of our consciousness. If you are ready for abundance, then you must be ready to treat space as intelligent, logical, reasonable, cooperative. this is the necessary attitude.

The Alpha Level

Our consciousness is energy, able to affect the energy we call matter because it is closely “related.” Our consciousness is really part of a larger Superconsciousness, or cosmic consciousness. which works if and when we get its consent. To get this consent we need to be in “touch.” To be in touch, we need to be closer to it-at alpha.


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