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  Meet A Vegan Gypsie

Hi I am A Vegan Gypsie and my name is Aja Wolfe Inspirantionalist and Writer here at With my combined knowledge as a Master level Usui Reiki Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner with a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, I bring to you all things for the well being of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I continue to grow every day in my works so I’m able to constantly enhance the modalities I use. Being able to live the life I desire and love and knowing my divine major purpose is one of my greatest accomplishments. Allow me to be your vessel for discovering and living your divine MAJOR purpose. is your personal vessel to living the life you desire because you are deserving of it. My post will give you tools, tips and information to live life on your terms, and as for me the author, I’m always here if you need me. The content on this site is a projection of my perception and my personal & professional truth. Although we are so different remember we are still so very much alike.