The Best Natural Remedy for gertting rid of Pin Worms


What are pin worms?

Pin worms are parasites that live in the digestive system of people and is passed from human to human. It it most common in school age kids 5-11. Pin worms can be passed from bedding, toilets, underclothes, pajamas, spoons, forks just to name a few.

How can you tell if your child has it?

your child usually at night may scratch at his/her bottom and cry, do the wiggle dance it is very uncomfortable especially at night when the female worm is working her way to the opening of the anus to lay her eggs. The pin worm looks like a thing piece of thread and can be often seen once the child is sleeping and you flash a light on the child’s bottom.

Now do not be so quick to jump and panic if your child shows any of these symptoms i’ll tell you why. Over the past weekend i went to get my Step-Daughter she is 2 and the sweetest thing in the world and she displayed most of the symptoms. See before i called her mom i had never heard of pin worms and it broke my heart that my baby was crying saying her bottom was itching  and there was nothing i could do to help. Her mom told me pin worms may be the issue, her mom ran overt o get her and take her straight to the ER. Well when she got to the ER there were absolutely no signs of a pin worm but they would treat her for it anyway (that was another problem.) The doctor said that she was just constipated and that was the reason for the itchy bottom. But her mom wanted to be safe ( like any mother should) and wanted the pill known as ALBENDAZOLE (ALBENZA) this is where a home remedy came in at.

When we finally got to the pharmacy they told her mom that the 1 pill would be $800.00 dollars and that her medical did not cover it (man please) we both looked at each other and was like hell to the NAW!!!! So i search and asked a few of my holistic friends and the best way to holistically get rid of pin worms is as follows:

Ingredients: 1 garlic clove

1 tsp Vaseline

1 mortar & pestle

take the garlic clove and mesh it as much as possible add the Vaseline then continue to mix till it looks like nothing  but Vaseline and a few tiny specks of garlic. The garlic smell will be very strong  but worry it will kill the worms and eggs instantly. Rub the paste on ans around the booty hole repeat 3 times a day for a week cause let’s face it who the hell about to pay $800.00 dollars for a pill when you can spend less than $10.00 and get the same results. There are many different home remedy cures but this one worked the fastest to not only give the child relief but to kill the parasites.




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