Practice what you Preach



Too often you find that most people are not practicing what they preach and to only grow old with a bunch of regrets and woulda coulda. Why is that these are the same people who are so pushy in motivating others to live the life they desire and when they don’t you are emotionally attached. when I was young coming up I challenged everything an adult said and they didn’t like it either. My mind state at a very early age was that how can you tell me something and I don’t see it reflecting in your life. And I have carried that with me to this day. It is very important to lead by example you know, practice what you preach. When you are practicing what you preach your message is way more dynamic then it is when you’re just talking. Whether it’s your children friends or strangers no matter what it is you are preaching no matter what comes out of your mouth, remember they are always watching your actions and when you don’t show proof that what you are saying has mad a difference in your life then that’s where the disconnect comes in. Knowledge has no power unless it is applied. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM CAUSE I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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