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breakfast at tiffany's

Birthdays have never really been my thing , no celebrations, no cakes, really no big deal. But it’s somthing about turning forty that makes me just want to go all out. No other age ever made me feel like this. It was not a big deal for me when I turned twenty one (woo hoo I can legally drink) maybe it was because me and my friends were already doing all the things that twenty one year olds were doing. And thirty was… Well, I can’t even remember thirty that goes to show how much I payed attention to my birthdays.

But forty was different, I was craving this vibe, I wanted to do somethng fabulous. One night I was laying in bed and flicking through netflix and nothing was eye catching but then I came across the amazon prime app and there it was, “Breakfast at tiffany’s.” I thought, “hhhmm.” That would be nice, So I signed up for a reservation at tiffany’s? Now apperently reservation at Tiffany’s can only be done via a app called Tiffany’s was so booked that it took 7 months for me to actually get a reservation; guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to get my Breakfast At Tiffany’s on.

So now I have this reservation for 5 guest at the blue box cafe (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and the only person on the guest list was me. So, who can I call that would be down for this one day getaway to have Breakfast At Tiffany’s. What friends do I have that are finacially able and would appreciate this experience, I know!

sex in the city girls

My first call when out to my childhood friend Niyia, who now lives in Houston. She is an aromatherapist and self-published author. She always give me that kind of vibe and plus she has always had this thing for fashion so I was pretty sure she would be down. Phone call made, and it was a yes! My friend was excited to meet me there.

My next call was to who I like to call my sister Tanya. Ever since I’ve lived in Georgia she has been right by my side since our first hello. She is a chef and owns a very succesful catering company. She is a sociallite, the most out going person I know and she will be down to ride. Oh, and when it comes to dressing for the occasion she is your girl!

And there is Tyera; depending on the day and conversation she could be my niece, my friend or my cousin and some days a god daughter. But never the less she knows how to have a good time and boy oh boy when she gets dressed, Americas next top model looks will be served. She is a lash tech and very good at it. She would bring the energy and looks that is needed at such a breakfast.

And there is Lynette as long as I can remember she has put me on to fashion and skin care regimens. She’s an esthetician and she has always been fashion forwad. She is more like a sister to me, we get each others corney ass jokes. And a good time we always have. I knew if no one else could appreciate this experience she could.

Then There’s Me, The Writer & Therapsit. Soon to be 40 and a self-published author, one who is no neighbor to this girly phase. I’m turning 40 and I’m just learning how to do my own eyebrows. But like I mentioned earlier it’s something about 40 that sparks this elegant most faboulus feeling and Breakfast at Tiffany’s is just the place to start it all.

Here we are.

Tiffany’s was everything I could have imagined it to be. Elevator attendants taking you to your desired floor. The staff was so nice they made everyone feel welcomed and wealthy. The food was just as delightful as the ambiance, if wealth was a fragrance. Blue Box cafe is located on the 5th floor where you can also find home goods like tea pots and dishes, mugs and some luggage. The food was great everyone enjoyed what they ordered. For me it was connecting all this feminine energy and being our best selves. I was inspired, Tiffany’s is where I felt all the possibilities of life. I felt as though I was suppose to wake up every morning meet my girls and have Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s something about being with your girl friends that make you as a women feel most Powerful. But the fun didn’t end at Tiffany’s, after the brunch we walked down fifth ave feeling so fab it was un-real, I’ve never in all my 39 years felt so womanly. Every other corner was a perfect place to take a picture, capture a moment, and we did just that unapologetically in our true state as women/creators and keepers of time and space. We decided to catch a uber but had no idea this uber driver would turn out to be our driver for the rest of the night. From Manhattan to Harlem to Brooklyn then back to New Jersey he waited outside for us as we partied and had fun. and when it was time to walk out he was parked right where he said he would be waiting on us to head to the next destination. Did I mention he was a pastor? So here we are 5 powerful grown spiritual gansta women listening to the most ratchet music inside a pastors SUV and we had a ball, it was sooo revitalizing. The convos in that SUV inbetween stops were some jewels to carry with us a lifetime.

Of course we had our moments. We were 5 personalities all mixed together and not always in agreeance but it didn’t effect our great time. We allowed each other to be exactly who we were and we were good with that. The moral of what I’m saying is: there is nothing like getting together with your girls and creating magic. It is very healing to the soul and priceless. I’ll be turning 40 and launching my first book a few weeks after being at TIFFANY’S and I must admit, this was the best way to start my year. Live life, do all the things you desire to do and stop making excuses. Create the way to that which you seek and you are guarantee to get it.


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