Shop Like A Gypsie!!!



Let’s talk Gypsie

When most people think of gypsie’s they think of rags from a thrift store or maybe just throwing non-matching pieces together. But it’s really not cheap in the places we shop. Now some call it Boho fashion but I like to refer to it as Gypsy fashion. In the video above I went to only 2 main stores of my pick and the first one was Anthropology, they have some amazing comfy pieces with prices starting at $78.00. There were 4 choices and you guys picked choice number 1.Shirt dress this material was very cool and soft and that is what separates it from just wearing your boyfriends’ oversized shirt, and let’s not forget the pockets those where pretty cool.

Our next stop was LUxury Gypsie Fashion and that was Jhonny Was which the whole line is based on the Boho Gal (gypsies) They always have a way of making getting dressed look so easy however they are not cheap, You guys picked choice number 1 and that was the hand-stitched Kimono that cost a small $2900.00 yap! you heard me allow me to spell it out for you twenty-nine hundred dollars. The handmade garment is pricy because if the time and hard work it took to make this happen and the material is real silk. Don’t always judge a book by its cover I know a lot of times us Gypsies seem like we just have on rags but trust and believe it cost so much more than what you think. Now don’t get me wrong you can still kill the fashion scene and not spend 1/4 of those prices but we are into quality just like everyone else. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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