Overcoming The Struggles Of Being Vegan


Journey: an act of traveling from one place to another, A long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

We all may share similar interest, but no matter how similar, the individual experience will always be different than that of the next person. Living a healthier lifestyle is being promoted now than it ever has been before. More and more people are becoming aware of the great benefits of healthy eating as well as the horrifying results of unhealthy eating. When we think of embarking on this healthy lifestyle we automatically look at our diet first.

I find more than anything else that there is a mental component to this change that need to be strengthen. It’s not easy eating meat for 30 years then wake up one day and decide oh im done. It sounds good but the journey is a little mor tryirng than that. Like what will you eat? This is where I realized that the imitaion meats and tofu crumbles come in handy. I know most vegans are at the phase where they are like just give me fruits and veggies and that’s fine. But for me and those like me in the begining of this journey being able to make a vegan spagehtti using the crumbles saved us from eating meat again.

All Veggies May Not Be Good

Let’s focus Our attention on fruits and veggies and most people think because something is a fruit or veggies it is automatically good for you. Now let’s be clear anything is better than eating dead flesh. But, nevertheless you still have some things that are not good for you. For example the white potato which is actually man made and has the make up of complete acid. The only true potato that the earth produces is The Sweet Potate with a make up of aklinity. Now I’ve had first hand experience with what the potatoe can do to you espicially if over consumed.

Allow the journey to be beautiful

So let me tell you a little story aboutme and this so called potato. It is my most favorite food in hte worls i could eat it everyday if you allow me to. I mean fry it, bake it, smash it, top it, litterally I’ll eat a potato with no questions asked. I then later found out that it was so super bad for me because 1. It kept my body in a acidic dominate state most of the time which made me sick.

There is so many articles that suggest that the white potatoe has a gang of nutrients in it and can help in weight loss. For me it was a very acidic to my body and incouraged weight gain, maybe my white potatoes are different, Idk but what I do know first hand  is how sick I feel when I consume white potatoe on the regular. Maybe its my blood type who knows.

I only used potatoes because of my own experience and I said all of that to say as you progress on your vegan journey you may find challenges and it’s okay just push through it there is no wrong or right way to do it just do it is what is inportant. Not only for the well beings of the animals but also for the well being of yourself. There are so many dis-eases related to eating dead corpes that if nothing else moves you let it be your health and well being.

I suggest you get a recipe book and have at it. But like always you ain’t heard it from me cause I ain’t the one to gossip!


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