Women, Self Esteem Key to Rebuilding A Nation

A Woman can make a Man, But a Man can not make a Woman. This is valid on all levels, a woman is the first Teacher, Doctor, God, Caregiver, Giver of love as well as fear to every living human on this planet. That is why it is very important to restore the Self Esteem in our women so that we as a people can rebuild and take back what was taken from us. Self-esteem…

"Women, Self Esteem Key to Rebuilding A Nation"

Canceling What You Manifest Without Knowing

The Process During the manifesting process, you must not forget the part of that process that is unknown. Like unknowing exactly how and when it will happen. Remember the unknown part is not your concern the only thing you must be concerned about is being sure that you are aware that what you want must happen and it is guaranteed to happen as long as you do the work. The first mistake we make after…

"Canceling What You Manifest Without Knowing"

Chakras Hold the keys to Financial freedom

As long as you do what you are spiritually called to do, you’ll make money. Making and managing money is simply doing what matters most to you, and then the money that matters is energized to you. Your Chakras and their corresponding auric fields hold the “energetic genetics” of your spiritual purpose, basic nature, intuitive skills, value system, workplace focus, decision-making style, money making and money management style, and much much more. BY accessing and…

"Chakras Hold the keys to Financial freedom"

To be Successful: Break The Shell

Let’s talk shell talk Let’s talk shell talk and how it relates to being successful. If you have any regards of what people might say and think when it comes to doing what you desire, then you are in big trouble. Holding peoples opinions too close while dream chasing can hinder your work. What takes place if you are not strong-minded is what we call inception, inception is what happens when the mind is fed…

"To be Successful: Break The Shell"

Hurricane Irma and The Law Of Attraction

How many volts of energy does a hurricane have? A normal storm, unlike Irma, has about 200 times half the electricity of the entire planet. When I first read this I wanted to first know what the worldwide electrical generating capacity was. The energy released by a hurricane would if converted into electricity, power the United States for 3 years. So how much electricity does it takes to power the United States per year? According…

"Hurricane Irma and The Law Of Attraction"

Vegan lasagna in 20minutes

Vegan in 20 minutes When you are making your transition to eating vegan, finding what to eat can be a stressful journey. What I like to do is help you take traditional meals and turn them into vegan entrees. I hope you find this little recipe of mine helpful and always remember any new transition may seem hard at first, but you got this so just push through. Download the recipe below Recipe_tracker

"Vegan lasagna in 20minutes"