Energy is the basis of everything around us even when we are dishing money out. Rather it is buying something we need, paying a bill or paying someone whats owed to them. The energy in which you place in that very moment is vital. Energy is both going as it is coming so when you are in the space of giving out or paying out money it is very important that you put the energy of wanting this money to come back into it. For instance if one can’t stand to pay rent they are always complaining about paying it then over time they will find it harder and harder to be able to come up with the money. It will start to seem as though it is getting more difficult to be able to pay things. But if one would be joyous in the moment of paying out with the energy and feeling that they are assured the money will come back then it will. Have you noticed the one who finacially helps every one and doesn’t mind? and that person is always finacially blessed to help others and them selves, that is because when that person is dishing the money out they project our good vibes and energy on that money and it is gurentees to return to sender 10 fold.

Moral of what I am saying, change your attitude about paying bills be thankful you can pay them be happy in that moment and wacth how what you sepnd doubles and comes back to you. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AINT THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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