The Best Way to raise kids



I know some of you are reading this title and your like huh! but yes you heard me right do not, I repeat do not put your children first it will disturb the law of balance. I too am a mother of two beautiful beings they have been with me since I was 17years old I know exactly what it is like to not only grow up with your children but have a responsibility to them. Just like you, I have heard countless times that since I had children my life needed to stop and it needs to be all about my children from here on out. I’m hard headed as some would say and I never allowed that to be my reality. I just had to get out my comfort zone and yes it made me a little nervous but I’d rather try something different than end up miserable or regretting my children, blaming them for being the reason I chose to be miserable. Let’s be honest it happens more than often when you see the child grow up and do their own thing and the parent is like ” I stopped my life for you ” Well no one told you to do such a thing it is not that childs fault that you didn’t want to fight for creating or finding a balance. The reason your children don’t come first is that where would you come? I’ll wait while you sort this out. You can only give to your children what you have and if you are putting them first then you don’t have anything to give them. In order to pour into others you must first pour into your self first, then you can pour into the children.

We are told many things in our life especially on the so-called right things to do and the reason I say “so-called” is because what’s right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone else. And let’s be clear despite what you were told it was more than likely the action that was followed. It’s like telling a child not to smoke weed while hitting the blunt, it’s almost pointless. However, the point I am making is because you do have a responsibility to your children you also owe them to lead by example. Become what you are teaching so that they can see it is obtainable. Fond your balance between following your dreams and assisting and guiding them to do the same. But like always, YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME, CAUSE I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!


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