Vegan In Charlotte


So I know how hard being vegan or making that transition to  a healthier lifestyle can be. I was there, so what i decided to do was make sure i include a city to city kind of map sort of so that it would be easy for those on the go (book coming soon.)


I was in Charlotte and being in the south is always hard for me to find vegan or vegetarian options and restaurants that have them, and asking people will get you no where.

So i explored the city till i found this nice little place called ZADA JANES Corner Cafe. They have a gang of both vegan and vegetarian options that even meat eaters will love. My friend had this item on the menu called Bunny Ranchero,I don’t eat eggs but she tells me that it was very good and the eggs were called happy eggs (no hormones) over easy on some black beans home fries and Qusso

….. i Just had a really good salad but if you are ever in Charlotte don’t stress out just head over to Central Ave and grab a menu.



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