what you need to know about your Heart Chakra

Why your Heart Chakra is the hardest chakra to master



Let’s focus on the Heart Chakra and why most don’t know but it is the most complicated Chakra of them all. Being the bridge between the lower three and the higher three chakra the heart is an important bridge way. It is known that in order to truly operate in the higher chakras the Heart Chakra must be open and thriving. But why is it the most complicated of them all ? The heart chakra is the love center, the god like love center it is where true love exist on a level outside of human expectation.  The ancient saying you must go through the cross to get to the father is that of the Hear chakra, Meaning you must concur the heart chakra to operate in the higher self. This God Love you will experience is one of true understanding no judging but loving in a way to understand the misunderstood, not being so quick to get emotional actually to operate in this chakra one must have complete control over their emotions.

As you work through the heart chakra you will begin to see yourself and others in a new light. It is spoken of as trans-personal love. it radiated the power that binds people together. True compassion, the willingness to put others before one’s self, and the ability to gain a deep understanding of another person are all capacities that show that one has reached a higher level of consciousness. People with highly developed heart chakras go beyond selfish interest and can transcend their own limitations. It is the center of all teachings of every religion which in the sisterhood or brother hod teachings. When this center is under developed or blocked one will become very bitter. Loneliness and difficulty connecting are the chief consequences. This feeling leads to isolation and separates one from others. Conversely, disturbances in this chakra can cause one to feel easily over whelmed by others to the degree that one can even lose a sense of one’s own identity.

How to keep the Heart Chakra open and thriving


This yoga posture below and other variations of the cobra yoga position is a great way to open this center up


Meditation for the Heart Chakra



  • Sit in a stable position. Close your eyes and let your thoughts and breathe calm down. Concentrate on the your Heart Chakra, becoming aware of this center connects you with the power of love and will foster openness and compassion.
  • The Mantra that is used to activate the heart chakra is different for men and women. women should touch the thumb and the ring finger of the left hand  and the thumb and middle finger of the right. men should taker the opposite hand position.
  • Inhale deeply through he nose . as you exhale. intone the mantra Yam (pronounced Yang) seven times, quietly and calmly. The repetition should be spaced evenly like the chimes of a clock so that the end of the repetition coincides with the end of the exhalation.
  • Inhale slowly though the nose. repeat this cycle seven times. Through the entire meditation period, your awareness should be directed to the heart chakra.



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