When Being Vegan Goes Wrong

  1. Vegan Gone Wrong

Okay so I’m going to get straight to it. Now we all know that if you are vegan, ones of the best places to be that will support thta lifestly is L.A. There are a ton of good places and im pretty sure there are a few places people will feel is bad based on the taste. And I get it! But this place was nothing I have ever experienced. So after the Vegan Street Fair, which was amazing by the way. My friend Carmen and I, Well Carmen wanted me to try this place in the Grand Market so we ubered there. Grand Market is like a semi outside food court with multiple options they cater to all different eating styles from canvour to plant-based. SO we ge there and the place she wanted me to try was closed so we walked around to weigh our options. We have stuck gold, so we thought. We looked up and saw a sign that read  Golden Road, it’s located at the very beginning of the market, the vibe was nice and the waitresses was on point there was a live folk ban and customers dancing. On the menu  displayed The Beyond Meat Burger & Garlic Fries a complete vegan option.


My bestfriend ordered the exact same thing made the exact same way. So once the food came we noticed the fries looked very different mine was dark and hers was really light. We   inquired about it to the waitress she blamed  it on the seasoning, saying ” oh! It’s just they didn’t put any seasoning on one. Now I am grown as Woman and mother and there is no way in HELL that seasoning will make these fries look different. But we was in a good mood so we said ok cool. We took 2 bites of the fries and realized that they were undone, but wait it gets better.


Now the Beyond burger came with tomatoes, vegan cheese and pickle topped with a vegan Ramulade, now if you ever had the beyond meat patty then you know its not that bad. But have you ever had it under cooked damn near mosshie raw? Well, trust you don’t ever want it like that cause it is the grosses thing in the entire world (I’m so dramatic) but, no really it was horrible it was not cooked. My suggestion if your vegan and you happen to go to the grand market STAY AWAY just get some vegatable fried rice. BUT YOU AIN’T HEARD IT FROM ME CAUSE, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!




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