Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Co-worker


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The list


becoming an entrepenuer is exciting and scary all at the same time. Your first list will go something like this,

  1. website
  2. busines liscence
  3. business cards
  4. marketing

As we prepare our first list and get all giddy to tell people we have bucked on corperate america and we are now our own boss. I was super excited when I begain my brand and was no loger working for the Man (who ever he is.) I was about a month 3 motnhs in the first time i felt over whelmed. See I had this thing that I use to say to myself, I could accomplish a goal but because i was lacking a tool that was why I didn’t. Then about three months in I was faced with anew challenged, I had everything i needed and i was stuck. I was stuck because iI could’nt blame my lack of certain tools to cover up my procratination. So there i was face to face with everything i needed, so now what was my exscuse?


I had everything I neded to do what i claimed I wanted to do but still I gave no movement. So I picked up the phone and called on my Co worker Monica. She could tell by the way I said “hey girl” that i was not motivated and probably still inbed. So she begin to say thie things she always say (not in a nice way) to get me going. She would talk to until I statred working or overcame what ever issue i had created to why I could’nt work for the day. By the time I got off the phone with her I was doing what I needed to do and getting it done. Now this wasn’t a one way street there where days where I returned the favor.


Wearing all the hats is very overwhelming and it is sometimes the reason why we bull crap around. Co-workers come in handy so get you one. But, like always you ain’t heard it from me cause, I ain’t theone to gossip! if that still doesnt work try how to keep going when your not motivated



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