Yoga My Chakras


Yoga My Chakras Class

Yoga My Chakras Class is fit for any age. I will be there to assist you through every posture. Remember yoga is not A PRACTICE OF ATTAINMENT. it is the journey of the self through the self to the self. Our classes will be 60 minutes. We will move gently through each posture together. After booking you will receive an email confirmation and details on class instructions.


Yoga My Chakras Private Session


Yoga My Chakras private session are for those who prefers one on one focus. I will focus on your individual needs and we will work together in reaching your individual goals.


Kundalini/Chakra Yoga

Kundalini is energy. It is the fundamental energy whose flow through the organism allows for all its systems to operate, at all levels of consciousness.  It is the energy of awareness, it can be said that where your awareness is, that is where Kundalini is flowing or that where Kundalini is flowing is where your awareness is.  To awaken Kundalini means to dissipate blockages in the gross and subtle systems in your being and allow for greater and greater flow of energy and awareness. As blockages are cleared trapped energy is released and pathways are cleared. Kundalini then is able to flow freely though those regions, healing, nourishing, rejuvenating and balancing them.

The dissipating of blockages can also be thought of as the clearing away of the subconscious mind, the collection of unresolved emotional and physical disturbances, where lies the root of many of our attachments and fears.  So overall Kundalini Yoga is a system by which one, through the process of dissolving the past, allows the infinite to shine through into the present.


Kundalini Yoga Seven Chakra System


There are 7 primary chakras that lie all along the spine from the base to the crown of the head.  Associated with each chakra are the primary nerve junctions and organs of that region. Furthermore, each chakra is responsible for certain traits and characteristics that make up our personality. When we strengthen and rejuvenate the nerves and organs in a particular region, we are in fact activating these energy centers that reside there and are thus working on ourselves not only at a physical level, but also at an emotional and mental level (by affecting our traits and characteristics).  Practiced over time, the chakras become charged and come into balance with each other, bringing us into physical, emotional and mental well being.

Again, it should be noted that the work being done is primarily about dissolving granthis (blockages) in these regions which introduce disease and imbalance into the system by preventing the chakras from functioning at their optimum level. Finally, we see how this relates to Kundalini Shakti.


Chakra Health

The state of the chakras influences all of our organs, the skeleton, and the hormonal, digestive, circulatory, and nervous system–in short, the entire organism.

Chakra teaching asserts that behind every ailment lies a problem with the level or flow of energy and that this leads to a disturbance in the body’s equilibrium.

Holistic healing approaches such as chakra-oriented therapy are not directed toward reileiving illness– altrhough that may be the innitial reason we turn to them. For true healing to take place, the deeper reason for sickness must be addressed. The healing process entails not only the eleviation of symptons but an inner freeing, a maturation that resestablishes a healthy equilibrium. As we know from the study of psychosomatic disorders, such complaints as stomach troubles, asthma, and high blood pressure are often connected to emotional conflicts. We are more ceptible to colds when we are stressed, and any one who is prone to allergies knows that they become aggravated when we are tense and irritable. When our spiritual growth is hindered and the energy transmitted by the chakras does not flow freely, it burdens our spirits,our minds, and ultimatly our bodies. The basic problem is that energy is not curculating like it should be, and as a result the relationship with our higher self is lost.

To arrive at the true causes of our physical complaints, it is helpful to consider the different areas of the body that are governed by each of the chakras . By considering why you suffer from a paticular illness, you can gain valuable insight. The concern with deeper causes of ill health always lead to increased self awarness. 



**** please eat 2 hours prior to attending class