7 Chakras and the physical connection

The Connection There are many different opinions to whether the chakras are only in the spiritual real or if they exist both in the spiritual and the physical body. Taking into consideration the laws of physics and the break down of the human body to it’s simplest form this should not be a question to […]

Juicing for Beautiful Skin: The Best Ingredients

  Juicing for Beautiful Skin: The Best Ingredients   Today, juicing organic fruit and vegetable produce is one of the best ways that you can boost your health and achieve the weight and fitness you’ve always wanted. Not only can juicing help to slim your stomach, but it can also help to banish chronic diseases […]


How to over come Procastination

Procrastination is not taken as serious as it should be. It is the very thing that stops a person from living the life they desire, most people write it off as nothing friends joke about it, but it is a very serious illness beside it’s connection to depression, procrastination  is a cancer to the entire […]


The Chakras……. Physical, Metaphysical or both?

Physical or Metaphysical? What is a chakra exactly? Chakras. An energy center, or Chakra, is a non-physical organ. It is the place in the body that absorbs and releases energy to and from the body. The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel.  okay so i was doing some research on this topic […]

Ill Sleep when i Die !!!! literally or Not? how no sleep can keep you further from your dreams.

You and I both here this used a lot ” I’ll sleep when I’m dead” well that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t sleep …. So many people even celebrities always say that they are apart of the no sleep gang which sounds better than it actually is and that is how you have to […]

Juicing the chakras

Juicing the chakras can be of great benefit, that is because the energy centers are directly connected to each organ system the body so in fact to juice the chakras is to also juice the organ system it is connected to but that is not all. When juicing the chakras each juice combination is created […]

How the Body heals itself

How the body heals    I will show you how even a thought can send the body down the road of dis-ease. The physical body is a dwelling place for the mind,it’s self maintaining. The brain is the coordinator perception of all perception, knowledge and memories into new patterns as we know as thought. The brain […]

biofield thereapy

Reiki promotes deep relaxation…and why that’s important 

Reiki therapy has been growing tremendously in the past few years. More people are becoming aware of this natural healing modality. So what that means is there are a lot more questions being asked, and the one that I am often asked is what does Reiki do?Well,  Reiki puts the body in  a deep relaxed […]

Acupuncture and Reiki is there a difference?

The Difference Actually there is a very small difference between the two modalities which then allows them to work together to enhance each other. First let’s explore the basics of acupuncture, this service is done by inserting the small needles into the skin along where the meridian point run. Acupuncture deals with the health if […]


Reiki and Western Medicine

How Reiki Benefits western Medicine Some feel as though western medicine is not the best thing for us and i get it but there is a time when western medicine is needed. Until we truly learn to take care of our selves on the day to day basis there will always be a need for […]

what you need to know about your Heart Chakra

Why your Heart Chakra is the hardest chakra to master   Let’s focus on the Heart Chakra and why most don’t know but it is the most complicated Chakra of them all. Being the bridge between the lower three and the higher three chakra the heart is an important bridge way. It is known that […]


Vegan In Atlanta

Vegan in Atlanta   Most people when faced with becoming vegan find it challenging when it comes to finding things to eat. Making that transition is never easy especially when it comes to cooking at home so a lot of people revert to eating out which still may be a little challenging. I’m here to […]